Since 1993, MAT GROUP LLC has been more than just a rug store – it's a family tapestry woven with passion,


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  • Briefly introduce MAT GROUP LLC and their passion for weaving.
  • Highlight the importance of understanding weaving techniques for rug collectors.
  • Tease the diversity of techniques covered in the blog.

Knotted Delights:

1- Explore popular knotted techniques like Turkish Ghiordes, Persian Senneh, and Moroccan Berber knots.

2- Explain the construction process, knot formations, and resulting pile heights.

3- Showcase stunning examples of rugs crafted using these techniques.

Loomed Wonders:

Dive into flatweave and tapestry techniques like Kilim, Soumak, and Aubusson.

Discuss weft-faced and warp-faced constructions, weft wrapping variations, and unique textures.

Highlight the creative freedom offered by these techniques and their use in contemporary rugs.

The Finishing Touches:

Explore fringe types, washing and finishing techniques, and their impact on rug value and longevity.

Share tips for identifying quality craftsmanship and materials in handmade rugs.